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Renaulkt megane dynam dci injection fault

Posted: Tue Jun 15, 2021 12:32 pm
by saben1969
Can anyone help please
never had any problems with my renault but after coming back from a drive to the coast last week i have had problems
one day car wouldnt start and injection fault came up, tryed but no start, so just left it for the day, tried again a few hours later and it started up fine
but now every day first try it wont start at all, eventually it will fire up after an hour of trying and then it runs fine and starts fine for rest of the day but once its been left overnight then come morning it wont start again
ive laso had check emissions light on, but passed mot fine with it on as my emissions were fine
any advice on what the problem could be, is it the injectors, fuel pump, glow plugs, i have no ides on these kinda things