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Megane 2 coilovers

Posted: Sun Sep 22, 2019 8:52 am
by yesouisi
Hi, only just signed up - nice wee forum you have here, I know the tech resources are going to be very useful.

I just picked up a mk2 1.6 to use over winter, and it's giving me altitude sickness. A bit of research shows that JOM (my go-to for cheapo coilovers) used to do ones which fit, but they're now discontinued... And the thought of spending £300+ on a set for a £200 car is galling at best.

So, does anyone have a set of suitable coilovers going spare for £cheap? Any brand, as long as they're not seized and are still adjustable. I'm based in Northumberland, but I get around a lot, and there's always couriers :)

Failing that, I'll get the angle grinder out ;)