Dales of Summercourt Cornwall

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Dales of Summercourt Cornwall

Postby cynicalpig » Wed Jul 11, 2012 3:42 pm

Ordered an aircon pipe for my Megane 2, 3 days later they called saying it was in. 20 mile round trip to collect and it was the wrong pipe. Grrr. So I told them exactly which one it was and ordered it.
A few days later I had to ring them to see if it was in and it was. Where's the courtesy call?
Turns out I didn't need the pipe.
Booked car in to have air con checked. Wk later drove to Dales to be told there was no record of it being booked in. 2 n 1/2 hr wait and they had a look.
The whole air con system knackered. Leaking out of every place possible. (On an 07 car?). Quoted around £600 to sort it.

Front spring mounts, ball joints and part of the drive shaft urgently need doing and they quoted £260. They ordered the parts and booked me in 2 wks later.
Arrived at dales on day of booking to be told the parts were not ordered. GRRRR another 20 mile trip wasted and my patients wearing thin.
They ordered the parts and told me they would ring when they arrive. Guess what, 1 wk later and still no call.
I rang them to see if they were there. 'Oh yes they are here' we didn't know we had to call you. GRRRRR.

Booked in again for 08.30 today and handed the car over, collected courtesy car which I had to pay £7.50 for the insurance. My car to be collected around 2pm.

4 hours later and a call from them saying there was a seized bolt on the car and it snapped and they had to drill it out and that there is now an extra charge for a new bolt.
Which they do not carry in stock and will have to order. On top of that he queried the quote I was given 'by them' and said it's wrong and it would not cover all the work and parts that needed to be done. Car not being collected today.

Will now wait for a call to tell me it's finished.
Can't wait to have a good old moan at them. I feel a bit of compensation is due here.
Took it to them as they are a main Renault dealer and wanted a professional job done.


Thanks for taking the time to read, I do waffle on a bit and any comments are welcome. Will update when car is back.

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Re: Dales of Summercourt Cornwall

Postby cynicalpig » Fri Jul 13, 2012 1:42 pm

Well Got car back following day. Got the original quote plus an extra cost of £50. Work done was replacing driveshaft arm,ball joint and spring mount. so total of £330 all together. No cost for the courtesy car and a few hours labour knocked off.
Still gna try and find someone else to sort the aircon out.

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