bad dealing Cheshire motor group

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bad dealing Cheshire motor group

Postby joepope67 » Sat Oct 05, 2019 1:47 pm

just bought a renault megane 1.6 Maxim 2006 (btw - I need to know how to find parts and manuals for this rare variant?) at Cheshire Motor Group. It was listed all over the place as having a years MOT and 2 keys. I get it home with only 1 key and Looooaaadddsss wrong with it including ONLY A 2 MONTH MOT LEFT ON IT !! I expected a few bits but the garage has quoted over a grand (I'm sure it can be done cheaper say 6/700 but.... I wasn't expecting that - Already had to put 4 new tyres on !
So I call them up and ask about the key and ask for the 12 month document ? A we don't have either.
I get the fact that I should have checked before leaving but to be honest I thought I was getting a low mileage bargain and thought ... wel, you know.... :D :-) :o :? :shock: :oops: :evil: :banghead :dead :mad :hm

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