Megane II and III rear caliper design

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Megane II and III rear caliper design

Postby AlexB » Wed Sep 25, 2013 4:57 pm

This is for those, who are trying to figure out any issues with the rear caliper or the handbrake actuator. Please have a look at the drawing below. The adjuster is formed by the threaded units 4 and 6. The handbrake actuator is a ball ramp, balls shown as number 52. This thing, apparently, should be capable to deliver 1.4 ton force under 25mm cable travel with 45Nm torque applied to the lever 46. No, not in this car...

Full description is here:

Zoom out to see the full picture.

Important conclusion: the handbrake lever must have long travel. Adjust it to 3 clicks, as most garages do, and it will stop working!

The other conclusion: put some silicone or PFPE grease between the lever 40 and the unnamed rubber seal. PFPE is safer, as I am not sure whether they use silicone or any other kind of rubber (silicone rubber swells on contact with silicone grease).

(no, a different AlexB)

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