Tips and Tricks

Below you will find a variety of tips and tricks related to Megane II ownership. This section will be constantly updated so keep your eyes peeled as you never know when things will come in handy. (there are also more in the forum)

The Megane II Owners Club can not be held responsible for any damage caused or problems resulting from using these tips and tricks.

  1. How do I turn off the sonic sensors on my Megane II?

  2. How do I test my alarm?

  3. How do I clean my EGR Valve?

  4. How do I stop rain water bubbling up on the side windows?

  5. How do I change The Headlight Bulbs?

  6. How do I check my oil level from inside the car?

  7. How do i compare insurance for my megane

How do I turn off the sonic sensors on my Megane II?

To turn the sonic sensors off on the alarm

  1. Make sure you have no pedals pressed and press the start button 5 times quickly.
  2. Get out and lock the car as normal
  3. The alarm should beep 4x and lights should flash twice.

Next time you use the alarm it they will be re activated!

How do I test my alarm?

To test your alarm:

  1. Leave the window open, lock the car (DO NOT Deadbolt it)
  2. Wait a about 30 seconds then put your arm through the open window and shake it a bit!!

How do I clean my EGR Valve?

Below is a pic of the 1.9 Engine bay..

You will see the EGR valve located to the left of the Airbox/Airflow meter..

Do NOT remove any connectors with the ignition ON as the Service light will come on..

To remove the valve you need to remove the Large Black Induction Pipe to its right.. It is attached by two "jubilee" clips with 7mm ends.. Loosen the clips enough that you can pull the pipe out of the engine bay..

Detach the Large Grey connector that is plugged into the end of the EGR valve.

The Valve is held in place with 3 10mm bolts.. Remove the bolts, taking care not to drop them onto the undertray or gearbox casing..

The valve is then pulled out of the exhaust manifold.. But it will be very tight.. I use a large pair of Pipe pliers and carefully twist the valve back and forth until it starts to loosen and gently withdraw it at the same time.

The valve will only turn 20 or 30 degree in either direction.. But it will with some persistance come out..

There will also be a metal gasket on the valve.. This can be used again or get a new one from Renault.

You can use a number or cleaning agents.. Some of these are brake cleaner, Carb Cleaner, Paraffin, Petrol etc.. I generally use an old tooth brush and dip it in the cleaner and clean the sooty deposists from the valve.. If the soot is hard then soak the valve in the cleaner, but DO NOT completely submerge it.. Important: Do not get any dirt or cleaner on the connector..

When you are satisfied with the cleanliness of the valve, then refitting is the reverse of removal.

How do I stop rain water bubbling up on the side windows?

To prevent the water bubbling up on the side windows in heavy rain, buy some Rain X repellent from your local car shop...It comes in a yellow bottle.

Apply following the instructions on the bottle.

Next time it rains you will still get some bubbling but the water will disperse in tiny particles making it far easier to see out of the window.


Can also be applied to the side windows and rear screen BUT NOT the front screen if you have the rain sensitive wipers!!

How do I change The Headlight Bulbs?

To view our new illustrated guide please click here

  1. Remove the wheel in the arch where the lightbulb is
  2. Open the bonnet and unscrew the black plastic cover from above the light mount
  3. Remove the little cap in the wheel arch to gain access to the light
  4. Unscrew the protection cap from the back of the mounting
  5. Before removing any lightbulbs, wiggle the back of the one you think is the problem and confirm by looking at the front as to which is moving
  6. CAREFULLY remove the metal clip from around the bulb by squeezing it either side of the bulb
  7. Carefully remove the wiring from the back of the bulb
  8. Take out the old bulb and insert a new one. It doesnt screw, it just sits - safely! Ensure it is square inside the bracket though
  9. Replace the clip around the bulb
  10. Add the wiring to the back of the bulb and test.

How do I check my oil level from inside the car?

To check your oil level, press the trip reset button when the "oil level ok" message is showing on the display!!

How do I compare car insurance for my megane

It’s always wise to compare car insurance for your megane so you can make sure you are getting the best value for money and leaving you more to spend taking your megane out for a nice drive in the country.