Changing the Megane II Headlight Bulb

Thought i would take pic's of the operation the way i did it. Hopefully this might come in handy for others that don't know how to do it.

As you can see there is no way of doing it from here

how to change the megane ii headlight bulb Here is a access cover in the wheel arch you can unscrew changing the megane ii headlight bulb Jack car up with Renaults quality jack how to change the megane headlight bulb Remove wheel how to change megane headlight bulb Thats better. Unscrew cover. how to change my megane ii headlight bulb Unscrew another cover. changing my megane bulb There she is. Pull the plug off the back of the bulb and push wire clip at the top to release bulb. megane headlight bulb Now bulb replaced better check it works before i rebuild the car megane ii headlight bulb Torque down wheel nuts nice and tight megane 2 headlight bulb replacement All done how to change the megane bulb Tools used - Sheet to kneel on (a cushion would be better), torch, locking wheel nut adapter, wheel brace, jack, and new bulb. replacing my megane bulb, a guide