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  1. Forum down
  2. Database broken
  3. New Competition Win Waterless Cleaning Kit
  4. New Competition WIN OIL
  5. New Competition
  6. New Site Theme
  7. Free Assistance Extension
  8. 10% Off Renault Accessories
  9. Forum Down: Sorry!
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06.10.07 :: Forum down

Sorry everyone but there has been a technical error and the forum is down temporarily. Keep checking as it will be back up within the day!

05.02.07 :: Database Down

Really sorry everyone but there has been a technical error and the dabase is down so please keep checking as im hoping it will be back up soon

31.08.06 :: New Competition Win Waterless Cleaning Kit

There is now a new competition where go-waterless have kindly provided some waterless cleaning kits as a prize, for more information on the competiton go to the competition page and for more information on go-waterless then visit their website.

18.02.06 :: New Competition

There is now a fantastic new competition kindly sponsored by check out the forum for more info

03.11.05 :: New Competition

The next competition is now open, it has a fantastic first prize so please check out the forum for more info.

13.10.05 :: New Site Theme

The site now has new a new theme. To select it use the buttons on the menu.

If you are using Firefox/Mozilla or Netscape or the buttons do not work, Go to View, then Page Style, then select one of the MOC options

10.10.05 :: Free Extension to Roadside Assistance

From Renault UK Magazine:-

Renault UK is launching a unique free extension to its current 3 year Roadside Assistance

The extension is availble to all drivers providing the car is no more than 7 years old.

If you have a Megane that is 3 years old or approaching its first MOT Call 08000 288 322 and mention the deal on page 16 of the magazine

You will then be sent a promotional voucher which is valid for 12 months!

10.10.05 :: 10% Discount on Megane Accessories

From the Renault Magazine:-

From 1st October 2005 until 31st December 2005 Megane Drivers can give their car a revival touchor simply add that sporty look with a special offer on the sports styling range of accessories

You can enjoy a 10% saving on alloywheels, crystal lights, sports exhausts, rear spoilers and door trims at participating dealers.

What's more by answering a question you can also win an unforgettable drving experience.

For further information tel freephone 0800 089 0027

02.02.05 :: Forum Down - Sorry

Whilst the forum was undergoing its server transfer, an error occured and the forum is currently down, hopefully it will be back up very soon so im extremely sorry for any inconvenience caused!

29.09.05 :: Moving Server

The site is finally moving server over the next few hours, hopefully this will put and end to the slowness....If you get an error message when accessing the forum please come back later!

08.09.05 :: Forum Down

Sorry but the forum is experiencing problems again, please bare with me!

25.08.05 :: Megane Facelift

Pictures of the facelifted Megane II have been released and can be seen in the Magazine extract in the forum

20.08.05 :: Site Magnets

I am contemplating making some site magnets for you to buy for more info see The site magents thread

18.08.05 :: Chat Room Opens its doors

The chat room is now open and can be accessed using the chat button on the left.

18.08.05 :: Fantasy Football Kicks Off

The Megane Owners Club Fantasy football has now kicked off, please see The forum for details on how to enter

15.08.05 :: New Site Launched

The new site has now been launched. It is still undergoing construction but i wanted to get something up

Over the coming weeks the site will be completed and have lots of new features....including a rather nifty little addition that lets you select how you want the site to look....incase you don't like the black design.

I will also be fixing the accessibility issues and html issues so that it meets the W3 standards and passes the Watchfire tests!